Kit Carson Carousel


Kit Carson County and the Kit Carson County Carousel Association have developed a museum to interpret the history and the restoration of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousel No.6...The Kit Carson County Carousel. A 1920s era fairground exhibit building was completely renovated to house this wonderful "hands-on" museum. Grants from the Gates Family Foundation, the Boettcher Foundation, the Cooper Clark Foundation, the Colorado Department of Local Affairs and the Colorado Historical Society's State Historical Fund were awarded to the County to assist in funding the renovation of the building as well as the design and construction of the museum exhibits. All carousel museum exhibits were designed so that they could be removed or covered during the annual Kit Carson County Fair so the building could be used to display the week-long County Fair's Home Economics exhibits.

Visual West of Larkspur, Colorado oversaw development of the museum. Exhibits include the early history of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, the 1902 General Electric Induction Motor (the motor has never been rebuilt and still powers the carousel at more than 10 miles per hour) and the friction drive (this carousel is the only carousel still in existence that uses the Auchy Clutch.

There is an area explaining how the band organ works and the intricacy and challenges of its rebuilding. Learn how a carousel animal is made in the "planks to ponies" exhibit. Who really painted those scenery panels?

The grand opening of the museum was Saturday, June 16, 2007 and attracted a large crowd. If you missed the grand opening, you can still get in on the fun! The museum is a walk back in time, an amusement park atmosphere with turn-of-the-century charm and craftmanship. Admission during the regular summer operating season is $1 per person; children 9 years of age and younger are free.

See some of the exhibits from the museum.

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